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A love Lucario story (english)

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MessagePosté le: Ven 26 Déc - 16:28 (2014)    Sujet du message: A love Lucario story (english) Répondre en citant

Everybody know that i am married with Princess Lucario Gunaseelan, but i've never explained what i felt at those moments and how it happened...

So, it's time for me to explain all. (i'm french, so, a few sentences could be not correct)

French : Désolé pour ceux qui ne parlent pas anglais mais ce cadeau est avant tout destiné à mon épouse.


I was turned into a Lucario and i tried to survive in this wild world. Being a Lucario is awesome, but it's sad if you're permanently alone in this huge forest...

One week after my transformation, i met an other Lucario. This one was a female, and a cute one. I was practicing my Aura when i saw her for the first time. She was the first Pokemon that i've met and i didn't want to stay alone. So, I walked up to her and presented myself.

Me : hum... Hello.
Female Lucario : Hello Lucario. Can i help you ?
Me *think* : I can't say that i was a human... she'll think i'm crazy...
Me : My name is Paul. Paul the Lucario. And i think i'm lost... could you help me to find a good place ?
Female Lucario : Certainly, Paul. Where do you wants to go ?
Paul the Lucario : Where ? hum... I don't really know... Do you know a place with lots of Pokemon ?
Female Lucario : Sure. Just follow me.
Paul the Lucario : Th-Thanks.
Female Lucario : No problem.
Paul the Lucario : What's your name ?
Female Lucario : I am Princess Lucario Gunaseelan. Nice to meet you.
Paul the Lucario : P-Princess ?! *bows with honor* S-sorry, your majesty. I didn't knew who you are.
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : *giggles* Don't worry. All is okay.
Paul the Lucario : o-okay. *stands up and follows her*

This is how i first met her. She showed me a beautiful place with lots of Pokemon. Every Pokémon that i meet is cool. The Pokémon community is really best than the human's. My transformation was an accident but i love being a Pokémon. I'm no longer alone, i have lots of friends now and this is all i wanted.

A few days passed and i felt something with the princess. It was a feeling that i never knew before, and it was increasingly bigger. I knew what was this feeling... but i'm really shy and she is a Princess... A Princess can't deserve a simple Lucario like me... She considers me as a friend, but not more...

I blushes a lot when she is close to me. But one day, i had the courage to tell her.

Paul the Lucario : Hmm... P-Princess ?
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : Hey Lucario. Do you need something ?
Paul the Lucario : Why did you tell me Lucario ?
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : Because it's cutest than Paul. *giggles*
Paul the Lucario : Oh Okay...
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : What happens Lucario ?
Paul the Lucario : Hmm... i ... i would like to tell you something...
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : *calm* What is it ?
Paul the Lucario : Hmm.... P-Princess.... i.... i.... lo.... *blushes* I..... i lo..... i love you.... *blushes a lot*
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : *still calm a moment before start speaking with a smile* I knew it, Lucario. I've seen your Aura. I waited for you to tell me.
Paul the Lucario : Wh... What does that means ?
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : that means i love you too, Lucario. *kisses on the muzzle*
Paul the Lucario : *looks at her with stars in his eyes, still blushing*
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : I know what you wants to do.
Paul the Lucario : c-can i....? really...?
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : *nods*
Paul the Lucario : *shyly come closer and kisses her in the lips passionately*

This is how our love story started and how i doing my first kiss. We were more and more in love, then the days passed and we did some things that i will not describe.

We was very happy together, so i wanted to ask her the most important question of my life.

Paul the Lucario : *hides something behind him* Hum... Hi, my love.
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : Hey baby ! How are you today ?
Paul the Lucario : I'm great, my love. And you ?
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : I'm great too, my baby. But you seem nervous. All is okay baby ?
Paul the Lucario : *blushes* hmm... my love... i have something to say...
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : *rubs Paul's cheek with a paw* What happens, Lucario ?
Paul the Lucario : P-Princess... I...
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : *look at him with a confused look*
Paul the Lucario : P-P-Princess... We are very happy together. Our love is eternal. So... i... i...
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : *still silent*
Paul the Lucario : *get on his knees and presents her a beautiful ring* P-P-Princess... my love... w-will you m-marry me ? *blushes a lot*
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : Oh my Arceus ! Oh my...! Aww Lucario ! Yes ! Yes ! I'll marry you !
Paul the Lucario : Y-Y-You're serious ? *large smile*
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : Yes ! Aww, come here you ! *hugs Paul*
Paul the Lucario : *closes his eyes and sheds a tear, smiling* I... I love you darling.
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : I love you too, my love.
*They do the best kiss they never doing before*

I was very happy. A princess had just agreed to marry me. I couldn't be happier.

All my humans friends came to the Wedding. So, i was forced to tell the truth to my new wife. Happily, she doesn't care about my past life and she loves me as i am. But all my humans friends made fun of me about my new body and my new wife... but i didn't care about them. My new wife said "Yes", so, i was really happy.

After the wedding, i became Prince Paul Lucario Gunaseelan. I did more training and i was increasingly muscular. That obviously made my wife horny. Our love was growing larger every day.

Lately, she tell me that she doesn't wants to have a child, and that made me sad... but i still love her. I won't leave her ! Never ! She is my wife and i love her ! Yes, i am sad that i don't have a child, but i love her and nothing can change this !

We are now at Christmas and she is my wife since 3 month. I love her more and more every day and i know that this will never decrease. I love her from the bottom of my heart and i know she loves me too.

We will stay together for the entire life. And maybe... one day... maybe she could change her mind about childs.

Prince Paul Lucario Gunaseelan : I love you darling.
Princess Lucario Gunaseelan : I love you too, my baby.


Paul le Lucario, Fondateur du forum et auteur de la fan-fiction "Pokéumans France"

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